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Blog Post 2: Are You Capable of Owning this Machine? Let the Training Begin!

Cue The training montage. 
I don't think I've ever bought something that required me to take pre-training with quizzes in order to own it! When you think about it, it's sort of crazy. I'm a mom of four and there was no required training to take any of my children home from the hospital. No required training to get married or become a stepmother. They did require training when I first started driving over 30 years ago, but that's about it. Now that I think about it, I do think it's harder to adopt a pet than it is to do any of those other things! I'll add owning a Ricoma machine to the list now too.

Anyway ,I digress. Pre-training for my Ricoma EM-1010 started when I got an email from the service representative with my Ricoma dashboard log in information. In the email it also states that there are a series of videos I'll have to watch with quizzes at the end.  Say what?! That was interesting to learn. It's not like they won't deliver your machine or anything, but they won't allow you to do your live training if you don't complete the pre-training. One of the reasons I opted for my Ricoma EM-1010 was because I was really impressed with the support they offered. There are so many videos on-line to help you create, trouble shoot, and inspire you. I guess I just didn't think it would start before my machine even shipped.

Being the diligent and excited new owner I am, I immediately started the training and even got a little nervous as I got to my first quiz. The videos were short and informative, but the quizzes are not gimmes. You do have to pay attention. I will probably have to watch them again closer to my machines arrival as it was a lot of information.

 I now have added terms such as top thread tension, tear away adhesive, tatami stitch, and cap station to my vocabulary.

While still a little in shock that I spent so much on an embroidery machine when I've never embroidered anything in my life I am starting to feel a little bit more confident that I'll be able to create something I am proud of. When I do need support I have awesome videos and my service rep to reach out to. So far so good! No buyers remorse yet. Less and less ashamed to admit to my big splurge. Right now I feel like in a few weeks I'm going to go from a wannabe embroiderer to just an embroider!

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Hurry Up and Wait! 

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