Fail! Fail! Fail! Success, Wait no, Just a Delayed Fail.

     My battle buddy, from my Army days, was kind enough to place my very first official order. She wanted some Onesies, five of them. I was excited so I immediately headed to Michaels, and JoAnn’s to get the supplies I was going to need. Let me correct that, the supplies I thought I was going to need. I had never embroidered on a Onesie, but they say that if you can hoop something you can embroider it, so I was ready to try! I knew I was going to need some Onesies, and I needed the color thread she wanted for her design. That list quickly expanded and I ended up having to make several more trips to the store.

Side note: I learned that Onesie is a trademarked item. Trademarked and registered are things that matter a lot these days as I’m buying and using images to embroider. The term I am supposed to use is baby bodysuit. Let’s continue.

     I get the image converted into what I thought was the proper file type. There were five different PES options. I just picked one, that ended up being WRONG! After many attempts back and forth from my machine to my Surface Pro, which doesn’t come with a USB slot, I had to buy an accessory, I finally got the right file type and the image showed up on the machine.

     This might also be a good time to point out that one of the features about the Brother SE700 that I swore I was going to need to have was the ability to wirelessly transfer files to the machine. Ha! In hindsight that is a feature that I never use. The automatic needle threading is clutch though! I’ll do a pro and con blog post later.

     Back to the original story, I hoop my tiny little baby bodysuit and push that happy little green button and off my machine goes!
The first bodysuit comes out great! Perfectly positioned, color looks great, image just like it should look. I’m thinking to myself I’ll knock out the other 4 in no time. Too easy!

     Let’s just skip a few parts and I’ll tell you it ended up taking me two days to get those other 4 bodysuits completed. One particularly heartbreaking moment was when I finally got one stitched out perfectly only to cut a hole in it when I was cleaning up the threads. Curse my shaky hands! Eventually I did get them completed. I was super proud of myself. Never mind that I probably spent 4 times the amount I made on those 5 bodysuits and I’m not entirely sure she actually gave them to anyone, but I still did it! Valuable lessons were learned and I’m hooked. I like doing this and I’m determined to try my darndest to make it something that I can be proud of.