Blog Post 4

Harder Than It Looks! 

Blog Post 4: Harder Than It Looks!

Now, I will freely admit to you all that I honestly though it was going to be a lot easier than I am finding it to be. I mean come on! You load up the file, you put the garment on the machine and you push the button. Wham, bam, a beautifully embroidered garment right? Nope! Wrong!

That is not how it works at all. Hooping the garments to even get a chance to push the button was tough. Capping my first hat on the cap station almost lead to losing an eye. That fastener has some serious snap back, beware!  Figuring out how the hoop works is tougher than it looks in videos. My first time

I attended my training with Edith from Ricoma and it was great. I had to leave for a portion of it to pick up my daughter so I might take it again, but participating definitely built my confidence along with making sure my warranty was activated. My advice for those awaiting training would be: 1) make sure your machine is threaded, this includes putting the thread thru the needle. 2) Practice putting a cap on the cap station and fabric on the hoop, several times. 3) Load the files onto the USB and then double check to make sure they are on there. 4) Be ready to take notes!

Needle breaks and thread breaks happened during my training, but it was good to have Edith there to walk me through what it takes to get me back and running.  I have yet to complete a project yet, but I know I'm getting closer!

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Alibaba Bust!

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